SON OF A SAILOR // photo lust

i’m just going to put this out there: i want these photos. i want them framed, and on my wall. in large numbers. abby try again is the shop where you can buy the ethereal and beautiful photographs of abby powell. you’ll want to. just take a look at her blog and you’ll see that she’s got an eye for color and detail and design!


honestly, when i went to her shop for the first time, i was pessimistic and had low expectations. this is not because of her. this is because, after 7 years working in photography galleries and museums, 90% of the stuff that you see from folks is disappointing! i know, i’m working on this jaded outlook. looking at abby’s site kicked my sour demeanor in the butt! the instant i went to her site, i was happier. her photographs are beautiful, solemn, full of color (the exact colors i want to be looking at, somehow) and well composed. that will teach me for being so negative…


alright, i’m off to buy some of her photos. for reals.

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