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we decided that we’re not playing enough music here in the studio. i’ll be honest, i’ve been up to my ears in netflix, powering through hours of nostalgic fluff (hello, melrose place and thirtysomething!) but i think it’s time to get back on track with some good tunes!

our friend layton, who is decidedly the business, has a fantastic site where he posts a mixed tape a month. it’s called Layton’s Mix Tapes—pretty straight forward! the themes vary, ensuring that you don’t get bored, and he brings in guest mixers every now and then! (check out my mix, “come on out”).

this month is a guest mix from another friend, ryan, and it looks to be a great compilation that’s a little bit hip, a little bit dance-y, and a lot of fun!

we’ve also just signed up for spotify. it looks like it could be a really great music resource—-we just have to figure out how the heck to work it! for now, though, it’s bracelets, bracelets, bracelets!

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