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the son of a sailor studio has been “under cosstruction” since we moved into our house, and has come quite a ways from the catch-all room it became when we first got in… it’s been such a luxury to be able to set up three desks for working, and have the space to keep the myriad of art and craft supplies. but it still wants for some organization and finesse of decor.

this morning i’ve been daydreaming about having present & correct come and overhaul our office. if you haven’t been to their site, it’s just a wonderland of organizational objects, paper ephemera and vintage desk supplies. it’s kind of my happy place.

and speaking of revamping websites, (hello sfgirlbybay!) present & correct just got a facelift, too! as much as i love geeking out about the design, inspired by vintage office supplies, forms, graph paper and paperwork, it’s still the items that they’re peddling that make me drool the most.

retro desk calendar

oh, and their photography. ugh. i want everything in our studio to have this clean, minimalist feeling to it. unfortunately, it’s quite the opposite right now. and i don’t think it will ever get this simple—-it’s an impossibility.

red numbering machine

but at very minimum, it’s inspiration. lots of inspiration. and sometime soon, i plan on ordering myself a little present! oh, but to choose what!?! i can’t even think about that right now. i’m going to go back to drooling over the supplies.

wooden tape holder, with colored masking tape

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