SON OF A SAILOR // PRESS: blog mania!

apparently august 10 is son of a sailor day in blogland! well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but we sure got some major blog love today!

sodapop-design, an adorable design blog (in german, mind you) that has a fantastic aesthetic! written by Caro, a graphic designer, we’re loving her style and posts (ahem-not counting ours, of course!)

we also got mucho love from down and out chic, another super great style blog that we immediately bookmarked! (seriously, we’re finding so many inspirational spots on the internet lately—-there’s not enough time in the day!) they threw us some love, as well, and we’re flattered!

we’re thrilled! keep ‘em coming, internet! now, we just have to go come up with more designs to keep the internets happy!

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